LCD Bitmap Converter 2.0 Online Help

Edit Image

You can edit the image (Change image size, Rotate, Flip, Invert, etc) via Editor Bar.

editor bar
image size Image Size... Change the image size
flip x Flip Horizontal Mirror the image Horizontally
flip y Flip Vertical Mirror the image Vertically
rotate 270 Rotate 90 left Rotate the image 270 degree
rotate 90 Rotate 90 right Rotate the image 90 degree
rotate 180 Rotate 180 Rotate the image 180 degree
invert index Invert Index Invert the image via index
invert color Invert Color Invert the image via color
Transparency Transparency... Set the transparency of the image. (for emWin version only)

Change Image Size

  • Menu: Image > Image Size...
  • Editor Bar:

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